Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fun At Kathy & Joe's

We stayed a night at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Joe's house. He took us to the buffet two times and the kids were in buffet heaven. We went to the park by their house and the kids had so much fun rolling down the hills in the leaves.

Uncle Joe had fun too!




Jaileigh and Anthony watching someone that flew out of the slide.


More hill rolling

and sliding. I think it was more of a sliding party than rolling.

We went to the Nordstrom Rack by their house and got the kids Christmas shoes. While we were there Joe told the kids that they were playing hide and seek and to go hide for 10 minutes. They all ran in different directions! Joe was in so much trouble! Then while I was checking out they tried on all the perfume and lipsticks at the check out aisles, boys included. The drive home was sure smelly!

It was another memorable trip! It's getting fun to travel with the kids. They are really enjoying the adventures and visiting with all their relatives. 

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