Friday, December 23, 2016

Family$ & BJ's

We went to the Family Dollar store, it's a thrift store that our neighbors kept telling me about. We went a couple of days before Christmas and everything was 50% off and all Christmas items were 75% off. The store was pretty empty so the kids were able to really explore without worrying about other people. They had a blast! We got Roxy a couple of blankets, the boys found some baseball cards, Jaileigh and Annie found a scarf, hats and books, and Jake found these roller skates. He has spent so much time skating in the garage. Annie ventured outside one day and they took turns. They have had so much fun. I spent $11 and it was well worth it.

Mike had a work party so I took the kids out to dinner. We went to BJ's and watched the hockey and football games that were on. It was fun and the kids were so good.

Jaileigh didn't feel well but put on a good smile for the picture. We found out the next day that her cousin gave her hand, foot and mouth disease.

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