Sunday, December 18, 2016

Grandma And Grandpa Pops House

We had so much fun at the grandparents house! We were so busy and so entertained the whole time. The first night we played with Grandma Kolleen and Grandpa Dan. We went out to dinner and then went to their new town home to visit. The next night we went to Aunt Tia's end of the year Christmas concert for her dance studio. The highlight of the concert was seeing the cousins dance.

Little Maze

Major is in the back like a crouching tiger.

You can see Legend, Maze and Major 


Funny Maze 

Michael was ready to go home after 10 minutes. He really doesn't appreciate the finer arts. 

3 of the cousins with Grandma

Pops and Maze

There's the smiles

The next day we went to church. It was so cold!

With Pops

After church all the cousins and grandma and grandpas came over for dinner.

Eating is so much better with cousins!

Legend didn't appreciate me taking pictures.

At dusk Grandpa took 7 of his grandbabies for a hike.

The dog is there in the upper middle.

It was really dark when they got home. 

They had so much fun and I'm sure they will always remember the hike on the mountain at dark with Grandpa Pops

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