Thursday, December 1, 2016

100 Mile Club

The kids decided to join the only club that our school has to offer, the 100 mile club. I let them, not really thinking that they would enjoy it. Who likes running? No one in my family and Mike hates it more than I do. My kids love it! They have really excelled and are the top for their age group and in the whole school. The only one that has more miles than them is a 4th grade boy. Jaileigh is even the highest. Annie is only there for social reasons. She feels about running like I do.

The cost was $10/kid and our school takes cash only.  I wasn't able to pay the $50 for a couple of months because for one thing, I never had loose cash laying around. I finally got my act together just in time for the 2nd running club assembly. The boys were presented with their 25 mile, 50 mile and 75 mile awards all in the same assembly. Jaileigh was presented with 50 mile and Annie with her 25 mile.

It was really cold outside and the poor kids all have to sit on the cold concrete for their assemblies.

Katie and Jaileigh

Adorable friends!



They were so excited!

Annie and Matthew

The 25 milers

The 50 milers

Their 4th grade friend, Cody

The 75 milers


Daddy with his baby girl

The cutest friends!

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