Monday, December 19, 2016

Pre-Christmas Phone Pictures

I was trying to get last minute Christmas shopping done and i was in such a hurry I locked my keys in my car. Thank goodness for AAA. They have saved me twice this month, once for a dead battery and once for locked keys. It took this guy 25 minutes to get my doors unlocked. I was afraid I was going to be out of luck.

The last Super Moon of 2016

The week before Christmas we went to visit Aunt Kathy and Uncle Joe and Grandma and Grandpa Pops. We pulled the kids from school 2 days early to beat the crazy traffic. 

Annie was so tired of being in the car she was crying that she just wanted to be at grandmas!

Now she's happy. Someone was using my phone to take pictures as I drove.

Michael, Jaileigh and Jakob squished in the back.


We went out to eat at the Frostop with my Grandma Kolleen and Grandpa Dan (the kids great grandparents) and Grandpa Pops. 

Jaileigh and I being silly

Then we went to Grandma Kolleen and Grandpa Dans house to play and help put up their Christmas Tree. My Grandma said this is the first year she hasn't had a real tree cut down from the mountain.


Michael and his daddy



Grandma with her little greats
Jakob, Anthony, Jaileigh and Annie

Michael jumped in too.

Laughing too much!

My grandma and I (blurry picture sadly)

I love Jaileigh's bun! Church on Sunday at Grandma and Pops

The bun is bigger than her head!

The kids thought the frost was so cool! We don't get it in California like this.

Grandma Kolleen gave the kids these little sock monkeys for their long ride home. 

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