Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More Adventures

More pictures from our St. George adventure.

We went out to lunch on our last day there.
Annie and Auntie Rori
Jake and Anthony rode with Grandpa and got to wear his work hats and safety goggles.
Rori and Annie
Silly girl.
Jaileigh Bailey
We left on New Year's Eve in the morning. There was a big snow storm warning out but we seemed to have missed it. We hit a few flurries here and there but nothing too bad. When we got to Victorville there was snow on the ground. The kids were so excited!
It snowed in Menifee.  Our neighbors said it didn't stick on our side of Menifee.  The kids were so sad they missed it. I predict a trip to the mountains soon! Maybe after school one day we can drive to Idyllwild.

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hysterika said...

I just found this blog through some other blog with multiples. I live in Apple Valley, right next to Victorville, so I was like "Did I find someone that lives nearby for once?" Well, not quite but I was looking at that first Victorville picture and thinking that it looked like Victorville, and then read that it is. haha. Yeah, there's our one snow a year. Not much and it didn't stay long. *sigh*