Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sea Worlds Snow World

Sea Worlds Snow World is so much fun! Beware of picture overload! We went 2 days before Christmas and it was packed! Most of the people were foreign. I was a little worried about losing a kid so I wrote my phone number on their upper arms. I lost Jaileigh. I don't know if she got lost on purpose or if she really did get lost. It scared me though and I was sure glad she had my phone number on her arm!

Santa's Sleigh

A rare polar bear sighting. Stretching in the sun.
Another favorite- the ice wall.
Snow World!

Waiting in line to go sledding.
Jake and Jaileigh
Annie and Anthony


Jake making a snow ball.




Lunchtime we ate at the smokehouse.
I ordered 2 large platters of mixed meats and they ate all of it!
The cashier gave the kids 2 large pieces of chocolate cake too.

Michael found some meat he liked too.


Jaileigh was a little daintier while eating.
The favorite show of the day was the Sea Lion show. It's hilarious! My kids laugh, dance and sing the whole show!

Traffic on the way home was horrible! I had to take a frontage road for parts of it because of all the wrecks.
One of the wrecks- a burning car. We saw it from the frontage road.

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