Friday, December 26, 2014

Our Christmas

The kids woke up at 4:30 am Christmas morning and snuck downstairs to see if Santa had eaten his cookies. They saw he had eaten the cookies and left a letter. They ran upstairs to show Mike and I the letter, didn't even look at their presents that were under the tree. Mike read the letter to them and then told them to go back to sleep. They all did and didn't wake up until 6:45! We were so late! Mike was supposed to set out a present at the neighbors that had been hiding in our garage, at 6:30 and the missionaries were waiting in our drive way. I promised them the kids would be up by 5:30 or 6. Funny to have a late start to your Christmas morning! It all worked out though. 

Jaileigh was so excited for her new jacket from Grandma and Pops!
The missionaries came over Christmas morning to open presents with us. It was so fun!
Sister Dirks
Jakob helping with round 1 of clean up.
Annie inspecting her necklace.
Sister Staker
A Barbie!
Michael finally got boots that fit him! He didn't look too excited but he has been wearing them since he got them.  I think he likes them!
My sweet girls.
Sister Staker got to Skype with her family.
Sister Dirks facetimed with hers.
Annie was wondering what was going on!
Annie had to shower so she could try out her new robe.
Look at these two!
Anthony and Jakob
Jaileigh wore this outfit for 3 days straight and told everyone!
Jaileigh and I
Anthony and I
Michael, Annie and Mommy
My little rugrats.
Daddy helping Anthony.
This picture is so blurry but I love how Jake is standing. 
Jake got a swim cap in his stocking.  He didn't know what it was so I volunteered to show him.
Then everyone wanted to try it on.
Anthony loved his bow and arrow!
Sister Dirks and I battling at Rock Em Sock Em
Sister Staker playing Anthony
It was so much fun! The missionaries stayed for breakfast and lunch. We had French Toast Casserole for breakfast and left overs for lunch.  For dinner we had some friends come over. We had noodles and gravy and salad. It was a great day spent with friends and our little family. We were so grateful to have the spirit that comes with the missionaries in our home too.

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