Thursday, August 14, 2014

La Jolla Hike and Bye Bye Rori

Roris's last day in California we went hiking and to the beach. I can' even remember the name of the hike now. We met our friends and spent part of the day with them.

Jaileigh, Annie, Adalia, Anthony, Jakob, Jordan, Michael
Overlooking the golf course.
I love the little interactions going on.
Jaileigh laughing, Adalia's arm around Annie and they are chatting, Jordan and Jakob chatting, Anthony and Michael in their own zones.
Michael, Adalia and Annie giving Rori love!
Our hike overlooking the ocean.
There is ocean out there.
My baby sister and I.
Oh how I miss you! We had so much fun playing with you! Thanks for coming and come back soon!
Things were not looking good with Annie at this point. A tantrum was brewing.
Then we found the ocean and she was happy again! My little beach baby!
The boys.
Annie waiting for a wave.
Jakob the sand crab.
We left for the airport shortly after this picture and got her to her flight on time! Saddest day ever! I went home and I was so lonely and homesick for my sister! Love you Rori!

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