Saturday, August 9, 2014

Our Last Summer Hurrah

The end of the summer camping trips. . . .we went to Camp Pendleton with a couple of different families. Rori was also able to come with us. We were super excited!

Anthony doing the monkey bars at the new park.
All the kids making themselves at home with someone else's sand toys. The owner of the toys is somewhere in the middle of the pit.
I thought this was a pretty great picture. 12 little kids in one campsite!
Jake and friend Sammy
Quad friend Sandra.
Jaileigh and Jake playing ladder ball.
Rori was also surrounded by little girls!
Jaileigh, Samantha, Annie roasting smores.
Building all kinds of sand castles and pools.
A great big pool to sit in.
Makaila or Hannah?
I think Makaila
One of my lovely minions stole the camera.
Beautiful ocean! I could live her in my RV and be perfectly happy.
Camp Pendleton is a Marine Corps Base. When we stay there our friends sponsor us and reserve a campsite for us. To get on to base you have to show ID and tell where you are going and who is sponsoring you. This time as I was driving through the gates the soldier at the gate asked me if I had a more current ID. I looked at him funny and said no, that was my current drivers license. Apparently, without my knowledge it expired last November! I tried to argue with the poor guy that my license did not expire, that it didn't expire until 2014. Nope, it was 2013.
Thank goodness Rori was with me. She had her drivers license and was able to switch places with me. Poor girl didn't know she would have to drive an RV onto a USMC base! Whooo hooooo! I have now remedied my expired license and I have a brand new shiny one. The highlight of the new driver license was I didn't even have to take a test! My record must been clean or something.

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