Monday, August 11, 2014

Last Days of Pendleton Camping

Here are the last of the beach pictures. I didn't take as many this trip as I usually do.

Rori with the kids in the water.
The older kids that we were staying with kept Rori and I mixed up. Finally they would ask us who we were before they talked to us. My kids got us confused a few times too. It was pretty fun having a "twin" for awhile.
Anthony and I played catch.
My sweet little Jaileigh.
Digging holes.
Crazy Annie!
We were able to enjoy the SUPER MOON while we were there.
Jakob watching the surfing competition.
He's wishing he was participating.
Anthony and Rori
Rori and I got up early 2 morning and went searching for sand dollars. We walked quite a few miles each morning. I was amazed at the treasures we found each morning. We would come home with our arms full of things that people had left and the ocean washed up each evening. We also found quite a few sand dollars, most of which were purple!
Jake, Annie, Michael
Such a little stink!
Check out Annie's pants!
Josh, our other quad friends daddy, playing with the kids.
Blue eyed Michael!
Rori with her besties!
2 sets of quads plus Annie!
Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, Jakob, Makaila, Hannah, Samantha, Sandra and Annie
My goofy 4-some.
Quad mom power!
Quad Dads, Quad Moms, and Quadlings plus Annie.
My bestie, sometimes twinner and sister Rori!
Jaileigh wanted in the picture.
Our friends brought an EZY up and the kids played under it so much! They loved it! We would give them buckets of waters and sand toys and they were entertained for hours.
Sandra in a rare quiet and still moment. She is an energizer bunny!
The kids found Rori and I on one of our walks. It was so cute to see them running toward us.
Miss Sunscreen Face!
Good bye until next time!

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