Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!

I have the best dad ever! Besides the fact that my kids love him to pieces, Mike and I love him too! I know a lot of people have stories about their "in-laws" well we only have good stories! He is such a great example to everyone around him.  He is such a patient and loving Grandpa to my kids.  He will spend hours kicking soccer balls, cracking nuts, picking mulberries, riding bikes, hiking the mountain behind the house, building guns, playing trucks or motorcycles or guns, watching silly kid shows, swimming, and whatever else his grandkids insist that he does. All of my kids want to be just like their Grandpa Pops when they grow up.

Not only is he always available for my kids, he is always there when we (my siblings and spouses) need him. If Mike is trying to do something handy, I always tell him to call my dad. If we are fishing and have a question, Mike calls my dad.  If we are camping and something goes wrong, Mike calls my dad. If something is wrong with the car, we call my dad. If something is wrong with our toilet, we call my dad. Whatever the problem is my dad always has the answer. 

I am grateful that I was born to this amazing couple! I wouldn't be who I was today without both of my parents guiding and teaching me by example. Happy Birthday Dad and Grandpa Pops! Love you so much!

Playing a hand game at the Dairy Queen.

My dad!
With his two girls- oldest and youngest of the Stokes kids.
With all of the kids- Rori, Amber, Andy.
With the two youngest grandbabies from each family- Annie from ours and Legend from Andy/Tia's.
Grandpa with my kids.
Playing soccer in the park.
Cracking nuts.
Grandpa pops taken by Jakob.

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