Friday, June 20, 2014

Splash Pad For Tuesday

Tuesday we went to the Lake Skinner Splash Pad with our friends. We packed a picnic lunch to bring. We were there about 30 minutes and the splash pad broke. We decided to make the best of it and stayed for a few more hours. The kids had fun and didn't seem to mind it wasn't working.

Playing ball.
Jaileigh playing with this neat kite/ball/Frisbee toy.
There was a park there to play on.
The sprinklers were on so they ran through those for a couple of minutes.
Jordan (orange), Annie and Jakob
This was a neat climbing wall.
When they got too hot they played in the showers.
We went home around 2:30. I put them down for a nap because Mike and I were going on a date and I didn't want them grouchy for the babysitter. Whoo hooo! We have left the kids a handful of times and only once with someone other than an adult. This was our first time leaving them with one teenager. I was nervous! We picked her up at 4:00, went to dinner and we were home by 6:00. She and the kids were surprised we were home so early. Jaileigh cried when we dropped her off. She was a hit! They didn't gang up on her and she seemed to enjoy babysitting. I'm so glad that we found a local sitter that we can use for little outings. Maybe Mike and I can go out a little more now.

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