Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Wednesday, June 18, Mike and I have been married for NINE years! We celebrated Tuesday because the girls had ballet Wednesday evening. Tuesday right before our date Mike came down with a nice case of pink eye. Luckily his doctor called in a prescription and we picked it up while on our date. He called in sick to work because no one wanted to work with him,  hahahaha! I took the kids on a breakfast playdate with our friends and that was about how our day went. Pretty exciting anniversary!

Happy 9th Anniversary!!!   I can't say that the 9 years have been all roses, rainbows and sunshine. It has been full of adventures, too many miracles to count, sacrifices, trials, laughs, enjoyment, lessons learned, arguments, and endless amounts of fun. I am so thankful that our love will last through the eternities. Love you forever!

This is our picture after our dinner date on Tuesday. You can see Mike's lovely pink eye.
A few pictures from our playdate.

After the playdate the kids came home and finished all the food I had in the house.
Anthony taking on the watermelon
The girls- Annie and Jaileigh

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