Saturday, June 7, 2014

Family Service Project

Last weekend Mike and I put together a service project for one of our neighbors. She is an elderly lady that needed help weeding her backyard.  She isn't a member of our church but was wondering if I knew anyone that could come weed it and she would pay them. Mike announced it in church and passed around a sign up sheet. I was expecting 8-12 people show but I think we had over 20.  Most of them were young men ages 14-16. I was so impressed with these young men, to give up their Saturday sleep to pick weeds for someone that they had never met. They showed up at 8 and we were finished by 10:00.  I was also so excited that my kids were introduced to service and that they enjoyed it. I expected them to do more playing than helping but they helped just like everyone else. I was so proud of my little troupers!

Sadly I didn't get any before or during pictures, just after. The area along the fence was full of weeds some taller than the fence, a few trees, a blackberry bush and 100's of bulbs she didn't want us to disturb. Because she had the bulbs planted we had to be very careful weeding.
We filled 3 garbage cans full and then filled 4 black garbage bags full and we still had weeds we had to leave there. We made a pile in the corner so we could go back later to dispose of them.
This planter was full of weeds and St. Augustine grass.
This was our garbage can that we filled with weeds and we filled two more of hers just like it.
My little weeders!

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