Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day To Grandpa's and Pops!

I know I've said it over and over but I have the best dad in the world! He is such a gentle and kind man and so, so, so patient! When most men become grouchier with time my dad becomes more and more patient. He will never be the ornery old man that lives down the street. My kids absolutely LOVE him. Everything they do they ask me if Grandpa would do that, or wear that, or say that. They want to be just like him! Thanks for being such an amazing dad to us three kids growing up and an even more amazing POPS!!!! We love you FOREVER!!

My dad and I at one of my brother's college football games. 2001ish?
My brother and I with our dad!
My Grandma Kolleen, my dad and me on my blessing day.
I love my Grandpa Dean! He passed away quite awhile ago. To remind me of him I keep this picture of the two of us, on a shelf in my house. He was such an ornery old cowboy but to me he was always so sweet. I remember driving to Salt Lake with him one time and yacking his ears off.  It was back when the speed limit was 55 mph so it took us all day to get there. He never once complained. I was lucky to get to spend quite a bit of time with him, more than my other grandparents. Each winter he would come spend the winter in St. George.  He was a "snowbird" so I got to know him quite well. Love you Grandpa Dean!
I was not lucky enough to meet Grandpa Joe (Mike's Dad) but from what I've heard from his family, I sure missed out! He was quite the character, always sporting a twinkle in his eye and very full of life! I do know that he raised an amazing son that I was blessed to marry. So, Grandpa Joe, I'm sad I never met you and my kids never got to play with you but I am so grateful for the son you raised. I look forward to playing in the eternities! 

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