Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our First Broken Bone

Anthony used to be the first at everything, first born, first sitter,crawler, walker, talker etc, but now Jake has to be the first. The first to get stitches, first to ride in an ambulance, first to break an arm. I hope he is over his bad firsts now!

Sunday evening the kids were jumping on the tramp, I had the door open and was watching them as I was getting dinner ready. We were having friends over for dinner. All of a sudden Jake came running in crying. I looked at his arm and knew it was broken. I grabbed him, grabbed a blanket and took off to the E.R.

From what I could get out of Jake, Anthony got on the tramp and left the net unzipped, Jake went flying out through the hole, landing on his arms. He scraped his face, his big toe, and broke his radial bone! It was a buckle fracture, the bone was also thrusted forward and a little out of rotation.

When I got to the hospital there were about 5 other cars pulling up the same time I did. I grabbed Jake and took off running to the ER. I did not want to wait in the ER all night! When I got in the waiting room was packed. I told Jake to start screaming so they would help us but he immediately stopped crying! hahahaha. In the meantime Mike had texted his friend, who's wife is the lead nurse in the ER. She met me at check in and took me right back! Thank you for friends!!!!

We were in and out of the ER in a little over than an hour. We were x-rayed and splinted and sent home.

Mommy and Jake ready to go home.

Our friends still came over for dinner. I told Mike not to cancel since the other kids needed a distration. They ended up feeding themselves and babysitting so that Mike could come to the hospital. Thank you, thank you!
{January 20, 2013}

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