Saturday, January 5, 2013

Playing In The Snow!

Last year we went to Pine Valley to our friend, Tammy's, cabin. We were lucky enough to be able to go again this year. My kids talk about playing in the snow all the time and they have been so excited. This year Grandpa brought his 4-wheeler to pull the kids on the tube. I didn't have snow clothes for the kids this year so they were a bit chilly. Jake and Anthony were the die hards. They lasted for quite awhile. The rest of them got cold really quickly and couldn't handle the pain. I took them into the cabing where Grandma helped warm them and change their clothes.

Grandpa unloading the 4-wheeler.
Michael playing in the snow.
The quaddies.
Michael was done first. He is like his mamma and does not like the cold. He went in right after this picture.
Mike was pretty cold too. He ended up putting on Grandpa's work overalls to stay warm.
Grandpa pulling Jake and Anthony on the tube.
My face when I realized my babies were on the tube all by themselves.
I jumped on with them. It was so much fun!
One big draw back of wearing jeans in the snow, getting snow down your pants. Real nice!
Mike with Anthony and Jake
Tammy and her puppy. It was her cabin we were visiting.
Rori (my sister) and I got to ride together.
Grandpa drove a little crazier with us and we crashed a couple of times. We ended up crashing and popping the tube eventually.
Mike skiing behind the 4-wheeler, old school, with his pulled hamstring.
Inside the cabin, Tammy made hot chocolate for everyone.
Rori, Grandpa, Jake
Dipping his gingerbread cookie in his hot chocolate.
Anthony dipping also.
Michael, Anthony and Jaileigh on the bed upstairs.
After the kids warmed up they all wanted to go out to play in the snow again. Aunty Rori was on guard duty.
Family photo!
Thanks for letting us play Tammy and Tim, Grandpa and Grandma and Rori!

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