Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back On The Tramp Again

We went to speech Tuesday morning and when we got home I opened the car doors, helped Jake out and went in the house for something. I got distracted by something and ended up switching laundry loads. Then I went to find the kids.

This is where I found them. . . . .

on the tramp!
I couldn't believe this stinker was on the trampoline again!

I took a picture and kept asking where Annie was. I thought maybe she was going potty or went upstairs to the toyroom.
I took a few more pictures.

and then went in to find her. When I got back in the house I could hear a horn honking. I thought that was wierd! I went out to the garage and she was locked in the car! She was smart enough to honk the horn to get our attention though.
Not too happy with the rest of us for leaving her in the car!

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