Friday, January 4, 2013

My Top 12 Of 2012

I talk to myself a lot, in my mind. While I am cleaning, doing the dishes, laying with my children, running errands, I always have conversations with myself. Over the last few weeks I kept thinking the same things over and over so I decided I should probably record them. These are the top 12 things of 2012. I know there were a lot more lessons and eye opening events but these were the top 12 off the top of my head. I thought I would share but more importantly record them so that I would be able to read them later.

Judge no one! You do not know what they are going through, and you may be in their same shoes in the future. I have found myself in other peoples shoes quite often this year and had to laugh at the irony.

Everyone has secrets; even your best friends. I could say trust no one, but I am too optimistic to believe that. I have just learned that everyone has a secret(s) and to just remember that.

For the first time ever, I opened an egg with a double yolk.

No one loves your kids like you do.

I finally started waking from the mom of multiples FOG. Moms of higher order multiples, you know exactly what I am talking about! For everyone else, it's this fog that you live in until you are able to finally breath again because things get a little easier.

The people that are your friends because they love your kids are the best people in the whole world!

There is nothing that matters more in the world than your family. Mike and I have given up so much for our children but we don't regret a thing. We would give up even more if we needed to.

I have come to appreciate and love Mike even more than I did when we got married. This last year we have been through some trials, we have had to rely on each other and together we have grown. Honestly, there were a few times when I thought I had made a mistake marrying him but this past year has just proven to me that he was the right man for me and the perfect father for my children.

Give to give and don't expect anything in return. I thought I understood this but after this Christmas season, I understand even more.

Deal with your disappointments and move on. I have been disappointed so many times this year but I have had to let the disappoint go and have learned to forgive and forget. Many of my disappointments were from people we hired who did not follow through with what they promised. I am by nature a trusting, optimistic fool and people like to take advantage. I have learned that I need to be more on guard and to not be so open with people.

I have been so surprised at the kindness of so many, people continually giving to our family. By giving I don't mean monetarily, I mean with kindness, service, friendship, understanding, offers to help, love. It's not just our family either. I have watched so many other people surround others in love and support. It makes my optimistic heart happy.

I lead a life that no one will ever lead, nor will anyone understand. We have to do things that are right for our family, even if it is not the "normal" thing to do. That is okay.

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