Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Holiday

Grandma Mitzi, Grandpa Pops and Aunty Rori stayed with us over the Thanksgiving holiday. The kids had so much fun with our visitors. I was a slacker picture taker so didn't get too many pictures but I do have a few cute ones.

Anthony doing his Thanksgiving craft, making turkeys with feathers and hand cutouts. {Left overs from Bill and Gina last year. Thank you!}
Grandpa drawing all kinds of pictures for the kids.
Annie reading some of the books from Megha and her mom. They filled a paper box with books and gave them to us. My kids are in book heaven!
Jake and his Grandpa. They are best buddies! Jake just adores Grandpa Pops.
Grandma Mitzi made Mike and I a birthday cake. YUM. Chocolate rum cake with cherry filling and burnt butter rum icing!

Annie eating her ice cream.
Grandma giving loves to her grandbaby Jake.
Jaileigh eating her ice cream.
She loves ice cream!
Reading more stories.

My kids were sooooooo sick over Thanksgiving. Anthony and Annie ended up having croup. Annie had a stomach virus and a fever I couldn't keep away. Jaileigh and Jake had runny noses, fevers too. Mike even caught it.  Michael and I were the only ones that didn't get sick. 
This is where I spent quite a bit of my time, in the bathroom taking care of poor Annie. {Just for clarification, I am not sitting on the toilet, I am sitting on a stool helping Annie.}
My little sick girl.
Michael playing with Grandpa.
My babies still all want to sit by mom.
Me and my mommy!
I can't believe I didn't get one picture of Rori!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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