Thursday, November 22, 2012

First Santa Visit Of 2012

I took the kids to Rancho Cucamonga to visit Santa. Anthony also had a doctor appointment with Dr. Ambrose. After the appointment we met Megha at Victoria Gardens. The kids played and then talked to Santa. Sorry, no Santa pictures, I chose NOT to pay the ridiculous amount for the little tiny photo.

Anthony and Jaileigh wearing their antlers that Santa gave them {the sun was in their eyes}.
In front of the tree,
Michael, Jaileigh, Annie, Anthony and Jakob
Megha and I and the kids.
After seeing Santa we went to Megha's house for lunch and fun.
Michael eating his quesadilla and reading books.
Watching TV on Megha's bed.
On the way home Anthony fell asleep before we even got on the freeway. The rest followed right after.
We had so much fun! Thank you for playing with us Megha!

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