Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Amber Jai!

Happy Birthday Amber Jai! 35 (completely random number, I  swear) things we love about you!

1.      I love that you are too classy to swear. Seriously. How many people can break all of their toes multiple times and never have a naughty word cross their lips? I mean, when her kids try to insult each other they say, "You're such a pumpernickel!"

2.       I secretly love when people ask if we're twins. It's a little frightening that my thirty-five year old sister looks the same as me at twenty-one, but I guess its ok if my twin is Malibu Barbie.

3.      I love that you don’t have any remaining evidence that you gave birth to five kids. Is it too much to hope that the stretch-mark-proof genes are hereditary?

4.      I love that you still wear your sexy shoes. It’s always fun to watch Barbie walking with her five little ducks.

5.      I love the way you dragged me into the eyebrow waxing shop and murdered my uni-brow in the sixth grade. Seriously, thank you.

6.      I love that you are blunt, yet kind.

7.      I love that you always have time for a hormonal sister. (I solemnly swear to one day outgrow puberty).

8.      I love, love, love your hair. You really are Rapunzel.

9.      I love the way you love Mike. There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a bit of a gag reflex when you guys kiss in front of me, but I love that you guys are in love. (Great choice, by the way. He has excellent taste).

10.  I love that you always have a fish with a plant sticking out of the fish bowl. I also love that you love said fish, no matter what level of grossness accompanies it.

11.  I love that you are my only sister. Really, how could anyone else ever compete for my favorite sister?

12.  I love the way you love on your kids. Who else could thoroughly spoil all five?

13.  I love that you read. I think credit is due to you for making Andy and me somewhat literate.

14.  I love that you always know the perfect gift to buy.

15.  I love that you have awesome friends.

16.  I love that you never sit still. Exhausting, but fascinating at the same time. What are you running on?

17.  I love that you love your family, no matter how nuts we are. Plus, I'm pretty sure you may be the parental's favorite. Dang it.

18.  I love your loyalty. I’m never afraid to confide in you. You will always be my best friend

19.  On that note, I love that you are my best friend.

20.  I love that you are the first person I call when I am excited, upset, lonely, or happy about something.

21.  I love that you don’t have to wear makeup to look flawless.

22.  I love that you keep up with your blog, even though you are insanely busy.

23.  I love that you are always willing to proof-read ten page papers in the middle of the night. Going over every sentence word-by-word.

24.  I love that you know how to shop. Thank goodness you were my teacher.

25.  I love that you are always willing to pick an elusive zit.

26.  I love that you go to the gym at four in the morning. (Again, how do you do it?)

27.  I love that you randomly decide to sew, and then create a masterpiece. It’s disgusting, actually. Totally jealous

28.  I love that you worry whether or not I’m literate when I text words like, “tho,” “totes,” Jealy,” etc.

29.  I love that you allow Mike and I to eat goldfish and chocolate chips as many days in a row as we deem necessary.

30.  I love that you are an awesome driver. Some of my best life decisions have been made after a run-in with a curb.

31.  I love that you didn’t turn Mike and I in to mom for eating her chocolate she was using for Christmas fudge. Instead, you ran to rite-aid to replace it at one in the morning.

32.  I love that your students still love you. I get a little “jealy” when I see them post on Facebook how much they love you.

33.  I love that you never yell at your kids. Perhaps I’ll send my potential future offspring to you to raise. Of course, I’ll have to take credit for how great they turn out. You do understand, don’t you?

34.  I love your magnificent cheekbones. Did you have to grab all the good genes just because you were the firstborn?

35.  Amber Jai, I just plain love you. We all do. Smooch!
Love, Mom, Dad, Andy and Rori


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