Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Daddy Is Our Favorite Pal . . .

My kids have the neatest daddy. He is so much fun and they just love him. We just celebrated his birthday on November 19. After he worked, we went 4-wheeling. For his birthday cake the kids and I made a Pecan Pie, his favorite.

I am not home in the mornings so Mike gets to be Mr. Mom until I get home. This morning as I was sneaking out the door, at 4:00 a.m.,  I heard Annie and Jaileigh screaming together for mommy. I stood at the bottom of the stairs  listening to the screams for a minute and debating if I should text Dede and tell her I wouldn't make it this morning or if I should just quietly sneak out. I chose to meet Dede because I knew Mike would be fine. When I got home from the gym Jaileigh was asleep and Annie was happy as could be. I love that he is so supportive of me getting out of the house and rejuvenating and recharging myself.

So without further ado I am going to turn the time over to my children and their I love you's!

We love our daddy because

- He takes care of us in the morning.
- He cooks us breakfasts.
- He lets us take long showers.
- He lets us eat A LOT of bacon!
- He lets us eat chocolate chips for breakfast.
- He likes to wrestle just as much as we do.
- He makes us practice our "Italian"
- He makes us call spaghetti sauce "gravy" and we can't eat it out of a jar, it has to be homemade.
- Even though he is Mr Baseball Athletic Dude he hasn't pushed the kids into sports at all.
- He doesn't swear, or very rarely {Annie repeating a few of his choice words ended that habit}.
- He always goes along with our mommies hair brained schemes.
- He makes up silly songs at bedtime.
- Every night he lays down with us and sleeps with us until we are all sleeping.
- He rubs Vicks on our backs, chests and feet when we are sick {mommy won't do it because it burns her eyes}.
- He shares his bed with us when we are too scared to sleep in our own.
- He likes to watch "Good Luck Charlie", "Jake and the Pirates", and "Curious George" with us.
- He takes us on tractor rides.
- He takes us on RV trips even though he really wants to drive the RV off a cliff.
- When he is naughty he lets us give him vinegar for being bad.
- He has given up on watching the Bears, the Cubs, the Bulls or the Blackhawkes because there is always something else going on, and he rarely complains even though he wants to.
- He loves pets and always tries to get mommy to get one for us!
- He always gets home from work and helps cook dinner or clean up the house.
- He never says a word when he comes home to a tornado house or no dinner ready.
- He loves to cook and is always trying out new recipes.
- He is always thinking of fun things for us to do.
- He loves us and all of our craziness!

We love you daddy!

  Lighting the candles on the pie.

Each of the kids picked out a present for him and then we wrapped them up. They were so excited! Michael picked out a bear that grows in water, Jaileigh picked superman socks and a new dress shirt/tie for work, Jake picked a Dr Seuss shirt, Annie picked a bag of Air Heads and some new work out clothes and Anthony had the hardest time. We had to go to a second store for his present. He picked out a Nerf gun with a bear shooting target.

Eating a little snack in the back of the trailer.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

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