Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Home

I have many mixed feelings about sharing our home so publicly but the positives are outweighing the negatives. Especially after a visit from one of Mike's cousins, Marlene. She was madly taking pictures so that she could share with Mike's family who will never be able to visit and asked me to excuse her she wasn't being nosy. She teared up and explained how much it meant to their family that I kept the blog up and how much all the pictures and explanations meant to them. I started thinking about all the people that follow the blog that I don't even know about and what a blessing blogging has been to our family. We have family members on both sides of our family that haven't ever met our children and many that won't ever meet them but through the blog we can still be close. It is really hard for me to be so public because I know there are many strangers that read the blog too. I try not to think of that and just think of my family and friends, hopefully the other families of multiples that may be reading, and anyone else who may need to be inspired.

Anyway, here is our new home that we hope to live in for a LONG time! When we were searching I wanted a home that we wouldn't outgrow. We can stay here until our kids are out of the nest if we need. I am so done with moving.

Our neighbors house is for sale if anyone wants to be our neighbors!
As you walk in the house there is a formal dining room on the right and a living room on the left.
"Grandma's" room- Our downstairs guest bathroom and bath.

Family room connected to the kitchen.
Upstairs we have the loft, decorated in Mike's Cubs paraphernalia.
Master bedroom
Toyroom minus the alphabet wall. I still haven't got that back up.
The Princess Room- Jaileigh and Annie's room.
Jaileigh's request when we moved was a pink princess room. We even let her pick out the paint color.

The boys baseball room.
Even though we have enough rooms everyone could have their own room, they all still want to share.

Our backyard view. We have a park behind our house.
Our side yard.

Hope you enjoyed!

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