Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chasing Ducks

We went to visit the ducks near the park by our house one morning. We didn't have any food for them but the kids sure enjoyed chasing them, after they got over their fear.

Anthony and Annie
Jaileigh and Annie
The whole group
Michael, Jake, Anthony, Jaileigh and Annie
Annie was relentless.

The poor goose was glad when we left.
Jake decided to organize my spice cupboard. It was cute until I needed something and couldn't find it. He also unscrewed a few lids so that when I grabbed the cumin it spilled all over the counter.
Jake and Anthony go to speech twice a week. The other 3 get to hang out with me while we wait.
Jake and Anthony with their teacher.

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Heather Mott said...

Amber...Gorgeous blog..How come I have not run across you before??? I think your kids are adorable...I am going to browse around and see if I can add myself as a follower and then to my blog roll..Stop off sometime...we have lots of boys in common..LOL