Friday, September 7, 2012

Mr. Michael

Ever since Michael has talked he has had a hoarse voice off and on. I just attributed it to his allergies and asthma. Anthony and Jakob attend speech therapy twice a week and I mentioned to their therapist that I thought Michael was falling behind in his speech. He can't say his "F"s especially when next to a vowel. "Mom, did you beed the bish" means "mom, did you feed the fish?" She allowed him to come in with Jakob and Anthony and brought up the issue of his voice. She recommended that I take him to our pediatrician to get checked out for vocal nodules.

So, I promised the kids NO SHOTS and off we went. Dr. Ambrose told me I needed to see an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat doctor) and that they would need to use anesthesia to even see if Michael had nodules. He said since you drove all the way up here would you like your kids to get their flu shots. Argh! I promised no shots! I ended up bribing them with a prize if they were good. All of them screamed and had to be held down but Jakob. He sat up and held his leg and was so brave! They all get their shots in their legs because they are all so scrawny.

The appointment was right during naptime so I was afraid we were going to have a few meltdowns but we didn't. I was so proud of them! We drove home and they all fell asleep. By the time I got home though they were waking up and demanding that I stop for their prizes. All fo them picked out tech decks (little finger skateboards) except Michael. He wanted a BIG dump truck so we got a big Tonka dump truck for him. Off to see the ENT now.

Enjoying their candy from the pharmacy.
Annie, Michael, Jaileigh, Jakob and Anthony

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