Monday, September 17, 2012

Michael's ENT Visit

On Thursday Michael had an appointment with the ENT, Dr Jiang. I was thinking that it was just a routine consultation but she ended up scoping him. I had all the kids because my babysitter (Mike) actually had to work. His appointment was right at lunchtime so I was a little nervous about the kids being hungry. I tried to feed them before we left but no one was hungry yet. While she scoped him one of the nurses took the other four kids into another room and put a movie in for them. I was amazed that they all went with her. I was praying madly that they would be good.

Our pediatrician told me that they would have to anesthetize him to scope him so I wasn't prepared to have it done in the office. Dr. Jiang explained that they usually don't do it on kids his age but when I explained how he didn't have to be held down when he got stitches in his eye, she agreed to try it. I really didn't want him to go through being anesthetized especially after the bad experience with Anthony. With this scope they use a soft scope and go through his nose. If he was under they would have used a hard scope and gone through his throat. I was so grateful that he was good and we were able to get it done in one day.

The outcome is that he DOES have vocal nodules. She explained that they rarely do surgery anymore. She used Julie Andrews as an example saying that she had the best surgeons in the country and still was not happy with her results. The surgery causes scarring which builds up and can cause the nodules to come back or the voice to change. She recommended speech therapy but said eventually they will go away as he grows and his vocal cords grow and stretch. Hooray!

Michael feels fine and doesn't feel sick. He just has a hoarse voice every once in awhile. He recovered very quickly after the scope, as soon as he was let out of the room in fact.

I took this picture after his nap that day. He told me he wanted waffles.

So we made waffles, then he wanted ice cream  and chocolate chips. We made yummy waffle sandwiches.
My waffle boy.

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