Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Sushi

I took the kids to a sushi restaurant the day we moved. They weren't impressed with the food. I even got them orange chicken and broccoli chicken. They just liked the big fish tank there. They still talk about it and want to go back.
One day while the kids were at preschool Annie and I went over to our old house to clean. She really wanted to visit our old neghbor, Dede. Dede wasn't there but Annie insisted she was and sat on the porch to wait for her. I had a hard time getting her to leave.
Our tile in our new house AFTER Mike and I cleaned it.
The tile before we cleaned it. Pretty gross.


elvin_langston said...

I am so curious as to what products you used to get the dirt out of that grout? I have the same problem at my house.

Amber said...

Chaka- I used a grout brush from Lowes or Home Depot and Awesome that I bought from the dollar store. I think any soap will work if you have a grout brush. Good luck.