Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lake Skinner Splash Pad

We went to the Lake Skinner Splash Pad on Monday. It was stinken hot out there- 116*! I didn't realize it was that hot until we were leaving because the water keeps you so cool. A local MoP group invited us to this activity and they told us to be there at 11:00. I got there and the ranger informed me the Splash Pad didn't turn on until noon. It worked out because I had packed lunches so we had our picnic first and then played in the water.

Jaileigh eating her sandwich as she rests. Funny girl!

Mr. Blue Eyes- Michael




Michael requested I take another picture of him doing this face.

Playing in the shower while they waited for the splash park water to turn on.

Anthony and Jaileigh




Jaileigh and Anthony in the waterfall.

Jaileigh and Annie playing.

These two were so cute! They ran around the majority of the time playing with each other and holding hands. Jake was such a good big brother. He made sure he knew where Annie was at all times and that she stayed with him.

Another hand holding picture.

This park was fun. It is a located within a state park so I had to pay $6 to get in but I was ok with that. It was a little crowded and I'm hoping that once school starts it won't be as crowded.

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