Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sheep Watching

The last couple of months there has been a herd of sheep grazing in the fields near us. I decided to take the kids over to see them. First we drove by and looked at them in the car but they all wanted to get out so we found a place to park and I let them get out. I should have made them wear tennis shoes because they all had flip flops on.

Annie, Jake and Anthony very excited!

Jaileigh said she would wait in the car. I made her get out and go with us. Silly girl.

The boys all held hands.
Jake, Michael, and Anthony

Everyone wanted to hold hands except Annie.

Anthony, Michael and Jaileigh

Jake playing in the dirt.


Anthony was very brave and went to go pet a sheep all alone.

The sheep wouldn't let the kids pet them. They were crying when we left and wanted to go to the petting zoo. I ended up taking them to the Dairy so they could pet the sheep and goats there.

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