Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpa And Rori

Happy Birthday Rori and Grandpa Pops! We love you!

The quads birthday is July 29, Rori's is the 30th and Grandpa Pops is the 31st. What a crazy month!

My baby sister is all grown up now! She is the sweetest kindest Aunt and sister ever. She always makes my girls cute crafty things. She is always willing to spend her free time with us when we visit. She puts her social life on hold and plays with 5 kiddos. She is the best sister and aunt ever! Love you Rori!

Grandpa Pops is my kids hero! The all want to be just like him. They want belts like him, shoes, pants, coats, hats, etc. They even like to burp like him. If one of them gets a sliver they want Grandpa Pops to take it out. He is the best Grandpa and hero! Love you Grandpa!

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