Monday, August 20, 2012

Annie's Earrings

Annie decided she wanted her ears pierced. I waited until she wanted them consistently before I took her in. I had to go to the mall to get Jaileigh a new pair of earrings, she lost 2 pairs in 1 day, and Annie really wanted hers pierced so she could be like Jaileigh. So both girls got brand new heart earrings with pink diamonds in them.

When I got Jaileigh's ears pierced they had two people that did the piercing at once. She didn't cry at all. Annie is much tougher than Jaileigh so I thought she would be fine. She hasn't ever cried when she gets her immunizations. Well, she cried. It was so sad. This place only did one ear at a time and it was hard! She was fine within 60 seconds but it was still sad. She is now very proud of her earrings like Jaileigh's.

Right after. Happy face again.

I had all the kids with me. We went to the gas station, the bank, Target, Kohls, the Farmer's Market, and the mall with Anthony wearing his pirate's scarf on his head.  He sure loves pirates and Peter Pan!

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