Saturday, July 18, 2009

Playing Dress-Up Already

Jaileigh is in trouble all ready. The boys have found her hair bows, with help from Aunt Rori, they tried ALL of them on.

I can just imagine them talking here. "Hey these things look kind of cool, let's try them on too"

Beautiful Boys! Good thing Daddy wasn't here. He would have been MAD>


"HMMM These things kind of squish your head, but don't I look good."- Anthony

"I want the yellow one too."- Jakey

"My brothers are silly, this isn't fun at all. Get this thing off my head." Mikey

Even Major joined in the fun. His daddy was NOT happy at all about this. I think I may get a call after this post has posted to remove this picture promptly.

Jaileigh thinks its fun to share.

Jake and Mike checking themselves out in the mirror.

Michael heading for the mirror

Jakey and the mirror. What a happy guy!

My moms hall tree was a favorite hang out spot. The mirror was the perfect height and they got to climb on the furniture to get to it. If the babies disappeared we knew where they were. Jake and Michael checking themselves out.

Tia reading to Jake and Michael. They love stories.

When Mike went back to California the babies suffered a little separation anxiety and all wanted to be held by MOM. Help! Here I am holding Jaileigh, Michael, and Anthony.

Grandma and storytime with Michael and Anthony
Grandpa doing double duty with Michael and Jakob

*Disclaimer- No babies were harmed while Rori played dress-up. Hairstyles were complements of Rori Stylistics. She has decided to retire and is going to college to be . . . . something wonderful.


King Quads said...

Those poor baby boys! They are going to LOVE you one day for those pictures. I can just see miss thing pulling them out to show their dates!

Following Him said...

HILARIOUS! One day they will laugh at themselves!

Sara Ann said...

Haha, so funny:) They are all so cute and getting so big!

Cochran Quads said...

Precious!! They are so dern cute!