Thursday, July 30, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy AuNtiE RoRi!

"Uh, Happy Birthday" Love little "Uh" and the Boys

"Oh my goodness, you are how OLD?" The boys are astonished that you could be that old. ha ha

And here is a little reminiscing

Rori and Jaileigh in the hospital. Jaileigh was a month old.
Rori and Jaileigh this summer. They have a special bond, these two.

And the 4some a year ago. Jaileigh, Anthony, Jakob, and Michael
Delivery Day- Rori was my sunshine while I was in the hospital. The babies almost shared a birthday with her. They were born the 29th and her birthday is the 30th and Grandpa's is the 31st. The Stokes Family has a busy July!


Hilary said...

How sweet!! happy b-day Aunt Rori!!

Following Him said...

Sweetness...Happy Birthday Rori!