Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cutest Babies Ever!

Here are some random pictures from Grandmas house.

Anthony was having a serious day, no smiling for him
Mr Brown Eyes

Mr Flirty

Michael and his pincher fingers. He loves his index fingers.

Nice "grill" Mikey

Cute Jake-we used the excersaucer as a gate so the babies couldn't escape grandmas living room. Michael got smart and started crawling through the bottom, then he taught the other babies how to do it too.

Jake and his tongue

Jaileighs crazy grin

Jaileigh and the snaggle-tooth

Rori and Jake taking a snooze. She helped me at night a few times when I stayed in St. George. This must have been after one of those nights.

. . . and thats the "end" (sorry I couldn't resist. It's such a cute little tush!)


Following Him said...

Aunt Rori seems like a HUGE help. Glad the babies love her so much! That tush pict cracked me up!

Darcy said...

They are so cute! I love all the pictures!