Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Over The River and Through The Woods . . . .

We went camping! Glorified city-slick camping, but camping non-the-less. Mike and I decided to surprise my parents for the 4th of July. We got in the RV and headed to St. George the Thursday before the 4th of July. We stayed that night in Las Vegas so we could visit Mikes brother and sister in law. When we got to my parents house they were so EXCITED and SURPRISED! My dad hadn't seen the babies since March.

On Sunday after the 4th Mike had to go back to California to go back to work. The babies and I stayed in St. George to hang out with the grandparents and Rori. On Wednesday my mom got a wild hair or some kind of itch and suggested that we go to Pine Valley. I jumped on the idea, being house bound makes me brave! So, we packed up the RV and headed up the mountain. It was so much fun and the babies had a good time too. Grandpa is a die hard old school camper so I think he was a little embarrassed to sleep in a RV. He is used to roughing it in a tent and sleeping bag. He brought all of his cooking equipment and made us foil dinners for dinner and pancakes and ham for breakfast the next morning.

We didn't take very many pictures but here are a few. I really need to document better.

Rori and Anthony, Grandpa and Jaileigh enjoying the morning fresh air. I think Grandpa is trying to teach Jaileigh how to drink Diet Coke out of a straw.

Rori and Anthony, Grandpa and Jaileigh, and Grandma and Mikey

Jaileigh looking at herself in the bathroom mirror. The babies loved this mirror. It was the perfect height. They would laugh and kiss themselves over and over.

Rori and her zebra striped glasses. What a character she is! We LOVE you Rori!
Jaileigh and her snaggle toothed grin

Grandma and Grandpa taking the babies for a stroll.

Grandpa trying to teach Anthony all about Diet Coke.


Hilary said...

Cute!! What fun :)

Cochran Quads said...

Fun!!! That's my idea of a relaxing vacation!!! Good Job Honey!