Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ears and Floods

The school called one day and said Jake had hurt his ear. The nurse said he had lacerated it but couldn't tell me if he needed stitches or not. School was almost over so I decided to just drive over to check on him. It was black and blue! The laceration was in the crease of the ear so had already sealed itself. The poor kid just wanted to go back to class.

He had iced it and he said it didn't hurt anymore so I let him go back.

Cool full moon!

In all my years I have never made a pot roast. I decided to try it one day. It turned out delicious! It's so much prettier uncooked though. 

With all the rains we've been getting our fields and easements are filling up. This is a view from my bedroom balcony. The fields to the side of our house and the easement behind us are overflowing. 

Jakes ear a couple of days later. 

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