Sunday, January 1, 2017

{New Years Eve}

The kids have looked forward to New Years Eve almost as much as Christmas. They love it and they love helping plan it.

Annie helping cut cucumbers.

Anthony helping too.

Jaileigh being beautiful.

They all got dressed up for dinner. 

Jaileigh, Anthony, Michael, Jakob and Annie



Daddy with his girls

Mike and I

The boys with their mom







We had lobster, crab, steak, and hamburgers for dinner. A little bit of everything to make everyone happy. 

The favorite was the martinellis. 

Annie was sad because she didn't get the seat she wanted. 

I made black eye pea dip, Pioneer Woman recipe. I told the kids they all had to try it so they would have prosperity and good luck in the upcoming year. They tried it and actually liked it, despite Anthony's face. 

The faces are so funny. The dip was a little spicy. It had jalepenos and salsa in it.

Jaileigh wore her mask until midnight. 


Dance party time!

My sweet little boys.
Michael, Jake and Anthony

Buddies for life.

We played Pie Face over and over again. The kids think this the best game ever.




Group picture,

Then we played ping pong basketball.
Boys vs Girls

We enjoyed our poormans chocolate fondue. One day we may have a fondue pot but until then the kids love it this way. 




Watching the ball drop in New York. I think they were overall disappointed. It wasn't nearly as cool as they thought it would be. 

Giving Roxy some loves.

Then we played Twister

Spinning for Twister

Gross Pie Hair!

The whole family stayed up until midnight except Mike. He took a snoozer on the couch. The kids finished the evening watching a movie, The Pacifier. It was another memorable year for us. We are excited and ready for 2017.

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