Thursday, January 5, 2017

Oak Glen Preserve

I took the kids to Oak Glen hoping that we would find snow but sadly we didn't. Not a flake in sight. We went to the Oak Glen Preserve Children's Trail. It was a hidden treasure for me. I enjoyed it more than my kids did I think. They appreciate being outdoors and running around. It was so beautiful up there and there was so much work and time put into the trail.

I took a picture of this because I want one in my yard someday. These trees are so beautiful and smell so good.

This was the Children's Forest. The trees were enormous. There was a little trail inside the forest for the kids to run through. 

That's Annie

4 of the fab 5. Jake was going to the bathroom.

The trees were wet so his shirts were soaked.

Playing in the leaves. I don't think they've ever seen this many leaves before. 

Beautiful look out at the beginning of the hike.

This was so cool. They said it should be for a wedding. 

This was a Califoria Redwood I believe. One of the tallest trees in the world. 

Jake, Annie and Anthony

Jake flying through the air.





Jake with his many treasures.

The pond was beautiful!

The woodpeckers pecked all those holes in this tree and then stuck acorns in the holes. 

The kids had to hike up to it to take a closer look. 

Their collection of acorns. 

Jakob filling the bucket with water. 

The kids found this nest on the ground and decided to put it in a tree. 

The bucket was here for the kids to fill and water trees with. They each took a turn filling it and watering. 

Anthony and Michael

The lovely girls





Can you see all 5?

crab apple tree

Anthony and Michael


Doing the limbo

Climbing the limbo

These little houses have fire hoses in them.

Stairs on the trail. The kids were so tired!

Taking a break.

Finally made it!

It was a great hike! We had so much fun and enjoyed the beauty of it. 

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