Saturday, July 30, 2016

Another Day In Idyllwild

The birthday babies and of course they have huge collections of sticks.
Michael, Jakob, Anthony, Jaileigh

Annie wants her hair combed different everyday and then wants pictures taken of it. 

Sadly I didn't bring the kids bikes. Big mistake! Good thing I had a bunch of games in the trailer. We put them all together and they had fun playing with them for a little while. 


Building tepees. 
The first morning we were there, our neighbors packed up and moved spots. I don't know if it was us or if they left for a better spot. Either way, we enjoyed the empty spot next to us! We set up our games there, used it as a baseball field and a place to build tepees.

Wandering around with his yogurt and no shoes or shirt.



I was BBQing bacon cheeseburgers and the kids decided to jump on the grill to make their s'mores.




Bacon cheeseburger

The beginning of a bacon s'more

I turned my head for 2 minutes and these two take off running around the campground just like this. No shoes, no shirt, dirty! Their feet were so filthy, it was disgusting!

Jake's smore. I forgot to bring the chocolate bars so they had to be creative.

Another hairstyle that Annie created.

Ice cream!

Hanging out in the lodge like she owns it!


Annie put my hair in a ponytail and insisted on taking a picture. She did a pretty good job!

Playing a little catch.

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