Saturday, July 23, 2016

La Jolla Cove

I took the kids to La Jolla Cove Friday. We've been to Moonlight Beach quite a few times this summer and our ward had a party at Camp Pendletons' Del Mar Beach one Saturday. I have been absolutely terrible about taking pictures this summer. I feel so bad.

I decided I needed to do better so I took a lot of pictures this trip. Before kids, Mike and I used to love to go to La Jolla Cove. We would snorkle and then eat at George's. Since we had kids we haven't been able to escape. I decided to introduce the kids to our old favorite beach.

The seals and sea lions were all over! There were 100s of them. The kids were really excited to see them and to see them as close as they were. They would swim right up to us.

Look carefully, those rocks aren't really rocks. There's about 20 seals sunning. 

Michael. Anthony. Jaileigh. Annie. Jakob.



There is a seal right by them. You can tell by Jaileigh's face. 

See the 3 noses sticking out of the water. 

There were about 15 seals in this little cave. You can see one by Jakes legs.

Look how close Annie was to it.

Jake, Annie, Jaileigh

With Anthony

and there's Michael

The bird guy came. He was like the lady in Mary Poppins. He would hold his arm up and birds would just come land on him.

In case you were wondering, I was very grossed out! Birds give me the heebie jeebies.


The bird landed on her head!

Jake was holding a bird but I had a bad angle.


Jake's turn

Annie was playing on a rock and missed the whole bird session. 

Jaileigh found half of a lobster shell. She was instantly famous again. We HAD to bring it home too. 

My little beach bums!

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