Friday, July 29, 2016

Birthday Week In Idyllwild

The kids decided that they wanted to go camping again for their birthday. We went to Idyllwild again. I think this has been our tradition for 3 years now.

Annie, Jaileigh and Michael
They were looking for the golden horseshoe. 

Checking out the fish pond. Looking for gross stuff I'm sure. 

Annie Belle


Sweet pea Jaileigh

we went for a dip in the pool

Jake swam at least 10 freestyle laps. He has such a beautiful stroke. Swimming is so good for his lungs. I really need to get him to do laps everyday!

Anthony prefers the breaststroke but is still working on his technique. Poor kids have a mom that makes them swim correctly.

Silly girls.


Annie tanning


Jake was the last one out of the pool.

No smiles from Michael. He was mad but I forgot about what. 

He's still a handsome little man!

I drove the kids down to Idyllwild for dinner. We ate at the local market/deli. They had pizza and ONE hamburger. The kids fought over the burger but Anthony won since he doesn't eat cheese. On the drive home Jaileigh and Annie both had tummy aches so I stopped and got them a ginger ale. They didn't like it so the boys had a party sharing it. 

While they were eating they were watching "Chopped JR" and they refused to leave until it was over.

The coveted burger.

We went to the park after, which may be part of the reason the girls had tummy aches.

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