Saturday, July 30, 2016

Idyllwild Nature Center

On one of the days I took the kids to the Idyllwild Nature Center. They cried and complained the whole way there. Once they were there they were happy as clams. 

Playing in the drinking fountain.


Annie and Jake





Inside the nature center.

Then we ate our picnic lunch on the picnic tables. After our lunch we went on a little hike. It was about 90 degrees so a little warm!

This was a cool tree. At the top was a bird nest. 

This was an old beehive built inside a hole in a tree.

This was an old mortar and pestle spot for the ancient Indians. The granite rock was riddled with these holes. The kids were fascinated by it and we had to revisit the nature center so I could explain exactly what this was. 

Boy scouts 100 years ago build this foundation Michael is standing on. 

Are we done yet?

"Look at this cool tree!" and they took off running.

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