Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Activities

Poor Michael had an allergy and ashtma appointment, just for a 2 month follow up and ended up getting allergy tested. He was NOT happy with me!

Grasses EXTREME, weeds, trees and HORSES!
It took me a week to get rid of the welts from the grasses! Poor kid!
Our little garden is producing!
Jaileigh's nails! We are doing a ticket system this summer for our chores. They can trade the tickets in for various rewards. Jaileigh traded hers in for a toy.
It's interesting to watch how their personalities work. Jaileigh spends hers and fast as she gets them. Jake could care less about them but always earns the most. Michael hoards his and won't spend them. Anthony likes to spend his too. Annie could care less about earning them but always wants to spend them when Jaileigh does.
We put up a sheet for a movie screen and watched a movie one night with Mike's movie projector.  It was fun for the kids!

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