Friday, July 11, 2014

Jacob & Megha

Our sweet Megha is now a married lady! She and Jakob tied the knot on July 5th in one of the most beautiful weddings I have been to. Jaileigh say that she wants to be just like Megha. When she gets married she wants to be an Indian!

I'm only posting this picture because it is the only I that I got of Annie in her dressy dress.  Midway through the ceremony she had a meltdown and we had to change her dress.
The Indian wedding ceremony is long and has different traditions that they follow. The first part is about the groom. He arrives without his bride.
Jacob arriving.
Before Megha comes they put a curtain over the groom. I think that he can decided to accept or reject her at this point.
Beautiful bride Megha.
The ceremony.
You can tell by their flushed cheeks that it was hot! In the low 100's. Thank goodness I had suckers in my bag.
Megha and Jacob.  Megha's parents are on the right.
My Jakob.
Jaileigh was the only one that stayed at the ceremony with me.  The rest of the kids went inside with Mike where there was air conditioning.
Right after Jacob sat on his chair and it broke.
Exchanging rings.
Megha all married!
I took this through a window. Daddy took the kids out to the green for some entertainment.
My cute family!
Playing in the kid zone!
Leaving after the ceremony.
Megha's parents.
Jaileigh made "Jacob and Megha" potatoe heads.
Appetizer break- eating ice cream.
Some how Michael got ice cream all over his face.
The pied piper! The kids immediately surround and follow Karen wherever she is.
The kids with Megha.
Karen and Megha our best buddies!
Jacob and Megha back for the reception.
Playing with the lights.
The kids LOVED toasting! Our table was full of giggles.
The amazing cake! My favorite color is purple so I really love this cake!
Sticks! This is an Indian dance that the kids really loved.
Taking a time out for the photo booth.
Megha came and showed the kids how to dance with the sticks.
Megha's mom danced with Jaileigh.

The candy table!
Last picture before we headed home with Megha's mom.
Thank you for inviting us to your lovely day Megha and Jacob!

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