Thursday, July 31, 2014

More Brithday

Annie had her 4 year well child check up on the kids birthday.  Our pediatrician is still in Rancho Cucamonga so we had a little drive.  
"Shots? What? I'm not getting a shot!"
"Dr. Ambrose my mommy promised me I wouldn't get a shot!" Yep, somehow we missed her 12 month MMR and she got it today. She was not a happy camper!
She is 40 lbs and 42 inches tall- 90-95%
She is my tall, little girl!
After we went to Victoria Gardens and met our friend Caroline and her grandson, Lukas. It was so much fun to hang out with them on their birthday! They played in the little stream and the splash pad for a little bit and then found some bubbles.
There was  bubble blower booth set up and the vendor let the kids play with the bubble blowers.
Jakob and Michael
Balloons from Caroline.
When we got home they played out front with their friends and neighbors, Hannah and Sammy.
They opened their presents from them and had so much fun!
I can't believe my little tiny babies are 6 years old!

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