Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday!

My babies turned 6 today. I can't believe that it has been 6 years since these little miracles were born! Amazing how time flies when you are having fun!

Jaileigh trying on her new lashes.
Annie got a few surprises too.
Anyone want cake? We have 4 different cakes at our house!
Anthony wanted Despicable Me. I ran around all day looking for Despicable Me toys and couldn't find anything. Mike was smart and googled it. He took Anthony and he picked out GRU. I thought her would get a minion. Nope!
He wanted a blue funfetti cake.
Jaileigh's princess cake.
Strawberry cupcakes.
Michael wanted an elephant cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling.
Jakob wanted this knight and horse on his cake. His cake is yellow cake with green funfetti bits and kit kats for the fence.
Happy Birthday my fabulous four!
Funny faces!
I love Jaileigh covering Michael's mouth so he doesn't blow out the candles.
Michael's turn.
Jaileigh's turn.
Blocking Annie from blowing out the candles.
Anthony swooped in right here and blew them out.
She was so sad.
So we relit them.
Jake's turn.
He had to climb on the counter to reach all of them.
Cutey pies!
More pictures tomorrow!

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