Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy 4th!

The owners of the Country Store gave the kids new t-shirts that say "I Caught My First Fish at Thousand Trails, Idyllwild California". The owners RV overlooked the lake. Each evening they sat on their "porch" and watched the kids fish. On our last day fishing they told Mike to bring the kids to the store the next morning to get a t-shit.  They lined the kids up and took a picture for their wall of fame. They all had the pajamas on still.  They were all excited except Annie, as soon as we got to the RV she took it off.
Going on a bear hunt. We made guns out of stick and superhero duct tape.
We went on one last walk and shot all the bears, coyotes and cougars!
Waiting for the parade!
We blinked and the parade was over! It had to have been the worlds smallest parade. The kids were pretty disappointed that candy wasn't thrown.
Jaileigh- she did her own sunscreen.
Silly Jake
Dollar Dogs!
Michael was disappointed with dollar dogs. He thought it was going to be real dogs!
We packed up and headed out after dollar dogs because the skies came tumbling down on us.
That night in our backyard we did sparklers.

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