Friday, February 7, 2014

Ice Science

For January and February we have been doing winter science, mainly ice. {Every Friday I teach a science lesson in my kids class.}This Fridays' lesson was so fun I had to take pictures and share. It was also very simple. I froze water in different size containers. I had 4 or 5 big ice cream buckets sizes but I also used all of my available tupperware, a couple of old cottage cheese (Costco size)containers and a few yogurt. I think I had around 15 different ice containers. I also had the teacher ask parents to bring some. Only 2 parents helped {SIGH}.

I talked with them about ice, what it was, reviewed solid, liquids and gasses and then we talked about what salt would do to ice. We went outside and gave each one to two a block of ice.  They were also given a small bowl of rock salt to experiment with. When they were tired of that I also had ice painting set up.  I brought a bag of crushed ice in, poured some paint on paper plates, and gave each child a large white paper. They were supposed to dip the ice in the paint and then use it like a brush. A lot of the kids gave up on that and just started finger painting.

It was a really fun, entertaining activity. Quite a few of the kids never got to ice paint because they were so involved with their ice blocks. The clean up was simple, let the ice melt!

Jake (in brown jacket) and Michael (blue shirt).
Typical Anthony- surrounded by girls!
Annie with Anthony
Annie and Jaileigh

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